Fascinating Zadar

Trip to Zadar

Fascinating Zadar

Croatia is a wonderful place, with diverse landscapes, extraordinary architectural designs, traditions of its people and many more such unique features. If you are planning a trip to Zadar one of the most attractive and interesting destinations of Croatia is that it has been a conquered land by the Muslims in the past and now it is a part of Islamic culture. In fact, after the Muslim takeover of Croatia the city has been renamed as “moslem Born City”.

Apart from that there are lots of other attractions in Zadar like the national park, the zoo, old city and beautiful port. All these attractions will make your day trips to zadar more exciting. But if you really want to enjoy all these things to the maximum then you need to do some planning in advance. You can either book a hotel in zadar or can even go on a houseboat ride on the Adriatic sea.

Zadar is well connected with other cities in the southern part of Croatia, especially with respect to sea transport. The best ways of reaching Zadar from international cities such as Dubrovnik, Split and Sibenik is by using the sea transportation. The most pleasant and convenient way of traveling to Zadar is using the lakes. If you are traveling to this beautiful place during spring then you will not find much of a difference in traveling through different means of transportation. You can start your tour of the old city of zadar from the Lake Bled, which is on the south side of Zadar.

The first thing that you must do is to visit to the National Museum of Croatia. It is one of the best things to do in zadar as this museum was established in the 9th century. It is built according to the Croatian architectural traditions and is considered as the physical representation of those centuries-old architectural constructions. You will also find many other interesting objects inside the museum such as the swords, banners, beads, metalwork, stone sculptures, etc.

Another important place in Croatia that is worth visiting is the Islands of Dalmatia and Istria. These two islands are known for their natural beauty, which makes them very popular with the tourists. Besides the islands, Croatia has some wonderful spots for nature lovers. So, if you too want to enjoy a vacation with Croatia, you should visit some of the nature reserves in Croatia, specially the ones like Rijeka and Ostroate Islands. Some of the best things to do in zadar include mountain biking, kayaking, paragliding and scuba diving.

Apart from these, there are also several interesting zadar attractions in and around the cities of Dubrovnik, Zadar and Pula. You can find beautiful cafeterias and restaurants in the cities where you can have delicious local dishes. If you wish to shop in Dubrovnik or any other city of Croatia, then you can go to the Old Town, Pula and city centre. These are some of the most famous shopping destinations in Croatia where you can buy local handbags, souvenirs, modern art and architecture items and many more. The best thing about staying in any of the Croatia hotels is that you will never run out of exciting and fascinating things to do and see in this great country.

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