A Trip to Greece – A Land Beyond Our Imagination

Welcome to my Trip to Kythrea, the perfect combination of ancient ruins, the beautiful Cypriot Island and the warm Mediterranean sea! My husband and I are from Chicago, IL. We have been wanting to go for many years and finally had the time to book our trip. It is our favorite destination because it allows us to explore and have fun in a foreign country that we are not familiar with. In addition, there is a lot of history here that you can learn about throughout our three day stay. Our trip was organized by a travel agent who has offered excellent services to make our trip hassle-free and exciting at the same time.

Trip to Kythrea

The first thing we did on arrival was to visit the Catacombs of Kom ash-Shuqqafa. These were the burial sites of ancient Assyrians and Romans that were targeted by the Assyrians during their religious campaign to cleanse their sins. On the western side of the tombstones are the names of the deceased. We walked along the wall for a while and enjoyed looking at the graffiti and the small shops selling souvenirs and ancient artifacts. Near the end we stood beside the river with a large wooden boat that belonged to one of our ancestors that we had not seen since we were little.

We decided to head up to Mount Etna where we would be able to see firsthand the sights of the ancient ruins that surround the volcano. This was a great site to witness sulfur dioxide released by the active volcano. I don’t know if this helped fuel the volcano’s lava or not but it was definitely a cool view! Next stop would be the Zombie Island, where a large number of corroded metal heads can be found as reminders of the ancient past. This was also a cool spot to walk as we got some great views of the sulfur gas that comes out of the volcano.

After doing all these things, we decided to head towards the port where we would be staying the night. The view was very nice and a little scary at the same time. We didn’t bring anything with us so we could simply walk in the direction of civilization and hope that everything works out fine. We met up with some friends from our local college and they were great to spend the night with. This is when the real adventure started.

After sleeping a little more we woke up the next day and set off exploring. It was pretty adventurous to say the least. Walking along the rim of the caldera and looking at the different formations that are part of the ancient rocks that line the sea bed was really eye opening. It turns out that the sulfur bubbles that form are actually living creatures that form communities within the sulfur rock.

Upon arriving back at our hotel, we started to enjoy the many sites that we had been to. There are a lot of great things to see and explore in this incredible country. It wasn’t long before we were ready to get back on the plane and fly home. We will definitely make another trip to Greece one day. This time, we want to make it a truly unforgettable experience. That is why we decided to go to Greece in the first place, because it is something that we will never forget.

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